Not a footprint in sight..

We were travelling to Mount Cook on this particular morning from Queenstown. The further the road slowly climbed up, the deeper the snow became. Lindis Pass, is a beautiful area of high country providing a stunning photography backdrop, especially in winter. The high alpine ridges, rock bluffs, screes and snow-tussock grasslands dominated the landscape this morning.

As we drove on further, we stopped at the lookout point. We stood there in the silence of 5am, the first glimmer of light in the horizon and decided to climb over the fence accross the road. We clambered down the steep snowy banks to the valley floor, snow past our knees. We looked around and both agreed that there is something really special about snow that hasn’t been walked in. Looking up at the last of the nights darkness, the crescent moon and with the daylight on it’s way, we had to stop and capture this peaceful atmosphere in all its awe.


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Take a small part of New Zealand home and bring nature indoors, with a high-quality image on a beautiful Aluminium finish.

Our Metal Prints achieve their stunning effect by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminium sheets. The image is infused into the surface and not on top of it, creating a magical luminescence.

All prints are available with or without wall mounts. Please leave a note at the checkout as to which option you would prefer.



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